the amount of ‘nope’ that is happening in my life right now is actually ridiculous

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BangSong Fanart - cr. cookyforty 

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ah yes. my favorite exo member, naruto

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loyal f(x) fans will always support you, sulli ♥

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I’m bored, so here’s the deal. Inbox me a Kpop group and I’ll tell you:

  • Bias order:
  • How long you’ve been a fan:
  • The first song you heard by them:
  • Favorite song(s):
  • Comebacks you’ve “experienced” with them:
  • Favorite concept(s):
  • Favorite mini/album(s):
  • First MV you saw:
  • Favorite MV/PV:
  • Favorite pairing(s) (within group):
  • Favorite pairing(s) (outside of group):

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The Top 10 Best-Selling Girl Groups World Wide (Digital Sales)

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sometimes im hungry and other times im asleep

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there is a difference between physical injuries and emotional stress. don’t bash her because your other idols continued performing and promoting regardless of their injuries.

maybe f(x) didn’t want to promote. maybe they actually fucking care about her and want to stop so they can be with her and look out for her. so don’t blame her for stopping the promotions. don’t insult her because you don’t get to see them perform anymore. this is a 20 year old girl who is mentally exhausted because people are spreading rumors about her being pregnant and constantly bashing everything she does.

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come back to your healthy and smiling self, 설리야 ♥

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#StayStrongSulli ♡

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